I am a 43 year old cross dresser. I am happily married and yes, she knows all about me. I decided to put this site up for those who want to know what I am really into and to give some insight into what makes me tick.

I am like a Geisha. I am an artist, and as such am expected to be a living work of art. I am not transgendered because I want to be. I am transgendered because I must be.

“gender is an act, a performance, a set of manipulated codes, costumes, rather than a core aspect of essential identity.” – Judith Butler

Lately, I find myself becoming much more vocal and a bit of a TG rights advocate. If you want to talk, feel free to shoot me an email or IM. I love talking to other TGs from around the world.

I do believe that many CDs became transgendered (bi-gendered, dual-gendered, whatever) because society taught us that “men have to be men”. Society forced us to suppress the feminine traits that most men naturally have. As a result, our brains developed with a second, hidden sense of gender which we now express by cross dressing. We developed almost a dual-personality. If society had allowed us to express these “feminine” traits freely as children, most cross dressers would more than likely simply be androgynous males and not full fledged cross dressers. We are a product of society’s limits on males and gender expression.

“Transvestism is about changing your clothes. Transsexualism is about changing your body. Transgender is about changing your mind .”

Most of my photos have been taken by Cutelouise. She’s a good friend and a fellow crossdresser.